Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cry of the Banshee [1970]

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Leslie Herrera said...

1463-Mantua, Italy: The arrival of Margaret of Bavaria is announced by an enormous musical ensemble, including a procession of 107 trumpets, shawms, and trombones (trombi, pifari, tromboni) (Kurtzman, Trombe; Atlas, Music 99). DG: One of your performances during Chicago Calling 2008 was your duet with saxophonist Dave Rempis. Would you comment on what you remember about that performance? Jeff Albert -- composing and playing the trombone, working with musicians in New Orleans and Chicago Valve TromboneThis is exactly like a tenor trombone, but instead of a slide, it uses valves. An overrated baritone if you ask me, but a trombone nonetheless.